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Hello gorgeous soul

Are you ready to break free from limitations and embrace your fullest potential?

Welcome to Awaken and Align Coaching and mentoring.

 1;1 coaching sessions designed specifically for women like you.

Create big impacts in each session with actionable insights and a clear path forward.

Awaken and Align Coaching 

Rediscover your inner strength and confidence to navigate Life's challenges.

.Awaken to your truth of who you are when you are free from Judgement ,limiting beliefs, self doubt, playing small, insecurities and trauma .Its time to unravel and awaken to your authentic self and who you are here to be.

8 x 1 hour sessions online or in person

Book a free discovery call .

Awakened Healer Mentorship

 This Mentorship program has been created for the Empaths and the healers.

Is it time to awaken to your gifts and purpose. Unravel all the limiting beliefs, fears and vows, contracts to suffering and martyrdom past life wounds you are still carrying. will be cleared. Explore in the Akashic records your strengths and gifts. Angelique will guide you and give you tools so you can step up and be seen in a safe space.

8 x 1 hour sessions online or in person.

Book a free discovery call now.

Awakened soul Coaching

A coaching session for when you need some clarity or just a a feel of what coaching can do for you. In this 1 hr. session we will dive deep into what your problem is and get clear on ways for you to move forward.

clear beliefs or fears or maybe some release work is needed. Gain clarity and freedom.


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