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Title: Journey into the Akashic Records: Unveiling the Tapestry of your soul


Are you ready to embark on a profound exploration as we delve into the mystique of the Akashic Records—a celestial library believed to hold the essence of every soul’s existence throughout time. The Akashic Records, often referred to as the cosmic library, are said to contain the vibrational imprints of our past lives, present experiences, and future potentials.


Unraveling the Concept:


At the core of many spiritual traditions lies the belief in a universal energy field, a collective consciousness that records thoughts ,action, and emotion that you had a reaction to.The Akashic Records are considered the sacred embodiment of this cosmic memory, holding the unique imprints of each individual’s journey across lifetimes.


Accessing the Etheric Archives:


The process of tapping into the Akashic Records is often associated with deep meditation, heightened states of awareness, or guidance from spiritual practitioners. Through these methods, seekers can access the vast repository and gain profound insights into their soul’s evolution.


Past Lives and Healing:


For those navigating the intricate tapestry of past lives, the Akashic Records provide a lens into previous incarnations. Exploring these narratives can offer healing by understanding recurring patterns, unresolved issues, and karmic connections. It becomes a transformative journey towards self-discovery,healing and growth.Having a past life regression session with a healer can help take you into your past lives to explore for yourself.


Ancestral Threads and Mother Wounds:


The Akashic Records extend beyond individual experiences, capturing the collective stories of families and ancestors. Delving into this realm may unveil ancestral wounds, shedding light on patterns passed down through generations. This awareness is a potent tool for healing and breaking free from the ties that bind.


Inner Child and Spiritual Evolution:


The inner child, a pivotal aspect of psychological and spiritual development, finds recognition within the Akashic Records. By revisiting formative moments from our past, we can nurture and heal our inner child, fostering a harmonious integration that propels our spiritual evolution.


Navigating the Cosmic Mosaic:


As we navigate the Akashic Records, we embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. The insights gained become guiding stars, illuminating our path with wisdom and understanding. Through this cosmic exploration, we reconnect with the timeless thread that unites us all—a universal tapestry woven with the threads of every soul’s journey.


The Akashic Records invite us to embark on a soulful odyssey—one that transcends time and space, offering profound insights, healing, and a deeper connection to the eternal dance of existence. Dive into the cosmic archives and unravel the mysteries that shape the essence of your being.

Angelique is a Soul realignment practitioner and a quantum healer that has many ways to help you explore your Akashic Records.

In a Sacred Soul Alignment reading you will discover two past life stories that are running in the background of your life today.

We will clear and heal all that keeps you stuck in a karmic loop.

Also discover where your soul originated from and how that's a role in your personality.

And the biggest part is we find your soul group .By giving Angelique your date and place of birth and your full birth name we find your soul gifts,purpose ,strengths and weakness. You will be shown what to look for if you aren't in alignment with your soul's purpose. This is a comprehensive reading that is done and then presented to you on the phone .There is a lot of information so Angelique records the session so you can go back over it. You will be given homework and clearing to do to help you activate the clearing and healing.

Other stand alone sessions include

Relationship readings

Spirit guide readings

Chakra healing

Past life regression

If you are ready to explore your Akashic records let's book in a free discovery call.

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