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Unravel, Align and Awaken to your Authentic Self.

Welcome to a transformative journey towards holistic wellbeing. As a woman's wellness advocate ,energy healer and certified life coach, I'm dedicated to guiding you through profound healing and transformational processes.

Experience the power of NLP ,Life coaching, Energy healing and psychic insight  to help you unveil your true power and potential.

Start your journey towards inner peace and empowerment today.

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Hello my name is Angelique

At Awakened soul healing, my mission is to help empower women, empaths and healers to rediscover their inner strength and awaken their soul. I believe that holistic wellness is essential to overall wellbeing, and  I have a unique combination of modalities that are designed to help you access your energy field and heal you mind, body and soul.
I offer unique compassionate and intuitive energy healing sessions and Empowerment coaching packages to help you on your journey to profound transformation. I will provide you with the guidance and support you need to break free from old patterns and create a life of peace, balance and joy. Healing packages are created to suit your needs and any outcomes you need.

Blessings Angelique

    About Awakened Soul Healing


    Are you ready to reconnect with your soul and allow abundance, infinite joy, and ease to flow? Are you frustrated with how long things are taking to change? Maybe you feel trapped in the same familiar patterns and pain? What if I told you that there is a better way? That you deserve better and healing doesn't have to be so hard. At Awakened Soul Healing Angelique uses her abilities as an Energy reader and healer to discover where your trauma, stress and blocks are showing up in your body and energy. Your healing journey can support you with; Pain and discomfort: Chronic Health issues: Anxiety and Depression: Financial issues: Relationship problems: Exhaustion: Sleep issues: Brain Fog: Fertility and Hormonal issues: Child bedwetting: Child anxiety with school: Feelings of Hopelessness​

    Angelique is qualified in a number of healing modalities and spiritual tools including 

    : Forensic Healing dip

    : Bowen and Emmett Practitioner

    NLP Practitioner

    Certified Life Coach

    : Sacred Soul Alignment

    : Access Bars Practitioner

    : Soul Realignment

    :Ericksonian hypnotherapist

    : Workshops and Womans Retreats

    Angelique has passion and purpose to help woman heal, awaken and realign to their own infinite wisdom.

    Your body holds all your stories from this life and many others .We bring in these stories from our own lives and from our ancestors .Many times these beliefs and stories are not even ours to carry. Are you here to heal your Ancestral line? 

    Working with Angelique in a session involves a check in to see what your concerns are. Then Angelique will access your energy and using biofeedback to get answers to the right questions to help you heal on all levels.Angelique also has other gifts of intuition ,sight and guidance from her spirit team to help you on your journey. Each session with Angelique is as individual as you are.​If you are ready to finally step into a life that you deserve and that brings in so much freedom and joy then lets book you in for a free discovery call.

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    Angelique is so down-to-earth, real, and so gifted and intuitive.
    I've had 2 Bowen sessions and a Forensic Healing. I wish I had've come across this sooner in my life. Physical pains have greatly reduced, and I feel renewed and whole again. This is by far, the quickest and most successful method of healing I've ever experienced. I highly recommended Angelique! Don't put it off!

    Pink Sugar

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    Wednesday 10am-6pm

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    Awakened soul Healing Locations

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    Awakened Soul Healing is set amongst the beautiful trees in Selby Victoria. Plan some extra time after and grab a coffee or lunch in beautiful Belgrave or the hills. Also most services available via zoom worldwide..

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